About Afro Ethiopia Tour

Afro Ethiopia Tour is committed to providing world-class experiences for adventure travelers in some of the most spectacular natural locations in the world, featuring Kenya, Tanzania and Ethiopia as destinations.

A journey with us is an adventure that promises not only to capture your imagination but to reawaken your soul. Your days will be filled with thrilling encounters and you will be taken care of by extraordinary people whose only desire is to ensure that each moment you spend with us is a perfect moment.

Come with us on a journey through some of the world’s most beautiful wild places, encountering dramatic wildlife spectacles interpreted by highly trained guides and wrapped in the warm hospitality of African continent.

By embarking on an adventure with Afro Ethiopia Tour, our guests allow us to make many small but meaningful differences to our planet. Our philosophy of caring for the land, its wildlife and its people lies at the heart of each magical moment spent with us. We believe that successful conservation depends on meaningful partnerships with the communities surrounding the wilderness areas where we operate, sharing the benefits with the people who open their hearts to welcome our guests into the world’s most beautiful natural locations. This will be the best of your travel experience!

Our mission

We are not just a tour company.

We work closely with local tourist guides and employ people from local communities. This ensures your travel experience is bespoke and unique, uses the best information resources and local community connections as well as helps local and indigenous people to benefit from the business industry directly.

Afro Ethiopia Tour is deeply committed to environmental conservation. We believe that the preservation of our natural and cultural heritages is best accomplished through the sustained unification of environmental and economic goals. Thus we help to:

  • Reduce the impact of climate change with grassroots projects that involve local communities
  • Educate and train the local people to protect the environment as a natural, renewable resource for their economic benefit and for future generations
  • Take a proactive role in protecting endangered species and the ecosystems upon which they depend to  provide the tools scientists need to monitor the changing environment
  • Educate future generations about the sensitive balance between the expanding human population and our natural environment
  • Educate travelers to help them understand and respect the areas in which they travel so these fragile ecosystems can continue to thrive

We aim at providing social and environmentally responsible incoming tourism solutions in East Africa satisfying the desires of our clients, exceeding their expectations and turning their visit into a memorable experience.

Our services

We currently offer tours to East Africa: Kenya, Ethiopia and neighbouring countries: Tanzania & Uganda.

Our exciting travel & safari packages offer most desirable services and can include multiple options and services:

  • wildlife & game drives
  • bird watching
  • cultural experience & tribal villages
  • history and archeology
  • mount climbing (Mt. Kilimanjaro, Mt. Kenya, Mt. Meru etc.)
  • water rafting in Kenya and Uganda
  • beach/ coastal holidays (Zanzibar, Mombassa, Lamu)
  • gorilla trekking
  • student tours
  • mission & profeassional bespoke tours
  • volunteer programmes
  • visit at local communities or children or animal orphanage
  • ecotourism and plantation visits
  • baloon safari, horse or camel rides, tribal dance class etc.

All titineraries are examplary and can be provided as they are or tailored to your particular needs or requirements. They can be modified, combined with other itineraries, differently arranged, shortened or extended. We also offer cross-border tours if needed.

Our sound association with suppliers ensures strong buying power, thereby enhancing value for money without compromising on product and service quality.

Why choose us?

  1. Flexibility to suit your budget, group size, duration and period of travel, type of accommodation, mode of transportation
  2. Our driver guides and management are very experienced in the tour industry
  3. Our transport and plan is designed to give you the best of comfort
  4. We can meet you at the airport on arrival and drop you back on departure
  5. We work closely with the hotels and lodges and we can advice the best depending on your needs
  6. We work closely with communities hosting our clients in our homestay and volunteer programmes

Contact number:  

 Tel: Viber and Whatsapp

+251 913 05 9520

Tel: +39 351 116 1768 (Europe)

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